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Full recap and best moments from the Fortnite Streamer Bowl

The Twitch Rivals Fortnite Streamer Bowl concluded last night. Take a look at the results along with some of the best moments from the competition.



The Twitch Rivals Fortnite Streamer Bowl concluded last night. Take a look at the results along with some of the best moments from the competition.

The Fortnite Streamer Bowl was incredibly entertaining. This was one of the most engaging Fortnite competitions we’ve seen – potentially because of the number of big names involved.

The last round of the tournament forced all of the players to land at the center island, which was a terrible idea. Outside of that, the format worked surprisingly well. It was easy to follow the action and end-game fights were far less hectic than usual. Anyone who has watched a Fortnite tournament knows how tough it can be with 40 nametags in the fourth storm circle.

Ahead, we’ll recap the results and some of the best clips coming out of the night featuring Tfue, Clix, Bugha, Nickmercs, LosPollos, TimTheTatMan, and more.


1Clix & Tarik Cohen2369
2Tfue & Kyler M7urray 1646
3Aydan & Kurt Benkert 1540
4Bugha & JuJu Smith-Schuster 833
5Chap & Kyle Van Noy 731
6NickEh30 & David Morgan1129
7NICKMERCS & Mike Evans 1128
8Symfuhny & DK Metcalf424
9UnknownxArmy & Avonte Maddox723
10Reverse2k & Baker Mayfield515
11DrLupo & Keenan Allen412
12NateHill & Eddie Vanderdoes312
13BrookeAB & Eric Ebron38
14elded & Kenyan Drake28
15TimTheTatman & Johnathan Abram17
16LosPollosTV & Jamal Adams03

Clix and Tarik Cohen of the Chicago Bears won the competition in spectacular fashion with 23 eliminations across four games. A lot of their points came in the final game, which was an RNG-fest for the most part.

Still, the duo showed that they have what it takes to win when the chips are down. Tfue was another standout performer – we’ll get to him below.

Other honorable mentions include Reverse2k doing his best to carry Baker Mayfield, Chap’s in-game awareness, and favorites Bugha and JuJu Smith-Schuster placing fourth after scoring 0 points in the first two games. Now, onto some of the storylines.

Tfue wins MVP

Tfue took home the MVP of the night – which is a pretty meaningless title but makes sense in relation to the format and his performance.

Game 1 was where Tfue and Kyler Murray really did their damage. Tfue clutched-up a 1v1 against Symfuhny with 8 HP, dropping him a GG and a Pigeotto burn in the post-game interview.

Symfuhny wasn’t the only fellow streamer that Tfue “sonned” during the tournament. Bugha had to hot-drop next to Tfue two times in a row. He ended up dying both times.

Bugha brought it back and won Game three, but not before dying to Tfue twice in a row. This time, Tfue killed Bugha and JuJu with grenades, similar to what happened when the two streamers met in pubs last week.

Dad Mercs

NickMercs also showed who was boss during the Streamer Bowl, taking out UnknownxArmy in the first game of the tournament.

There can only be one controller king, and the young buck had to go into time out when Daddy Mercs came out to play. Better luck next time, young fella.

Poor LosPollos. He was outclassed on every level. Some of the NFL players could have easily killed Los in a 1v1. He’s one hell of an entertainer but had no business being in the same lobby as people like Clix, Bugha, Unknown, and Chap.

To add insult to injury, LosPollos got killed by his bully of an older brother figure in NickMercs.

Nick later roasted LosPollos when talking to TimTheTatMan between games. “I killed the best two players in the lobby,” he told Tim, “UnknownxArmy and Los!”

Nick and partner Mike Evans popped-off in the first game. They killed Unkown, LosPollos, TimTheTatMan, and Chap among others – although Chap’s trap was eventually what killed Nick.

Clix pops off

Clix won the whole competition and earned his paycheck in the last fight. A lot of his success came down to the final round – which was a mess of a format, to say the least.

Still, Clix came out on top by securing the best loot in the lobby through several kills. He killed NickMercs (who had no ammo), pickaxed Symfuhny, and won a sweaty 1v1 against Bugha to cap it off (above).

The event was full of impressive plays from Clix, but the game-winning kill was a 200-IQ trap play from the box-fighting veteran on Tfue, who was in second place.

Tfue was in the best position during the final game, and even knocked Clix’s partner Tarik Cohen. Clix used his downed partner as bait to get Tfue to run into a trap. From there, Clix only had to tickle Tfue to finish the kill.

Most of the streamers carried their NFL partners, aside from a few standout performances. Aydan’s partner Kurt Benkert actually carried his streamer to placement points in one of the games. From a spectator’s perspective, it looked like Benkert had the highest level of skill out of any NFL player.

It was Tarik Cohen who took home the gold with his partner, Clix. Cohen got carried most of the way, of course, but also held his own in several moments. He clutched-up to secure a kill on TimTheTatMan and save his partner. Tim had trapped Clix and was looking to manufacture the upset, but Cohen wasn’t having it.

The Streamer Bowl was one of the most entertaining Fortnite competitions that have happened – apart from the final round, of course.

The format seemed to be a bit restrictive, but it was a lot easier to follow the end-games without so many players alive. I don’t know if I want to see this format for official esports events, but it was a fantastic way to watch an invitational.

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How to get the Dish Destroyer pickaxe in Fortnite Season 3

Another exclusive pickaxe arrives to Fortnite in Season 3 and it sure looks quite different. Here’s how you can get it.



Dish Destroyer Pickaxe in Fortnite

The Dish Destroyer pickaxe is another free cosmetic you can get in Chapter 3 Season 3 if you haven’t already. Here’s how to get the pickaxe right into your locker.

Fortnite players sure love freebies that the developers give them away each season. From a free Refer-A-Friend skin to a slurpy back bling that you can get upon completing quests, players have faithfully completed every task that Epic has asked them to claim the free reward.

However, over the course of several seasons now, getting these freebies is starting to feel too much work to some players. Epic continues to add away free content, but players are asked to put in the work in order to claim these rewards.

This time around, there’s a new item on the block, The Dish Destroyer Pickaxe, which you can get in Fortnite now by doing a few simple steps. Here’s how you can get it in Season 3.

Get the Dish Destroyer Pickaxe in Fortnite now

Nvidia’s cloud gaming platform GeForce Now was launched earlier this year when players were able to stream Fortnite on any device if they were a member of the service. This also allowed iOS users to stream the game on their phones despite the Apple vs. Epic lawsuit.

In a recent tweet, Nvidia announced that Fortnite players will be able to redeem a free Dish Destroyer Pickaxe if they stream Fortnite on their GeForce Now enabled devices until August 4, 2022. Players who are members of the exclusive service will only be able to redeem this for free in-game.

However, in another announcement, Epic told its player base that the pickaxe is not exclusive to GeForce Now but will also be available in the Item Shop at a later date. This means that those who aren’t able to redeem the free pickaxe using their GeForce Now memberships will have a chance to buy it using V-Bucks in the Item Shop.

The cost of the pickaxe has not been revealed as of yet as players believe that it will be released once the limited window of August 4 for GeForce Now members have expired. As soon as we get any news on its Item Shop release, we’ll be sure to update this article.

GeForce Now players have had the perks of free rewards ever since the service allowed players to experience the thrill of Fortnite anywhere on their devices. Falling in line is XCloud’s gaming service which has become extremely popular amongst Xbox players.

For more, check out our guide on How to use Ice Cream cones in Fortnite Season 3.

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Fortnite players call on Epic Games to fix Loot Chests bug in Season 3

As the latest Fortnite Season 3 update brought players a No Sweat Summer, it left a weird bug in the game where players are getting empty loot chests. Here’s the latest on that.



Loot Chests in Fortnite

Fortnite players have finally given up on the game due to its never-ending glitches and bugs that affect their overall gameplay experience. The latest glitch in the game is teleporting chest loot to a different location, and it’s getting pretty annoying for players.

Player feedback is one of the many things Epic takes very seriously that it aims to fix in every major weekly update or minor hotfixes from time to time. Often there are times when these bugs can get pretty annoying as they affect the overall gameplay experience for the player.

Fortnite players have seen bugs ranging from being stuck under the map or taking fall damage after jumping off a launch pad. From pros to content creators, each one of them took to social media to call on the developers to “fix the game”.

However, a recent update, v21.30, left a bug that has tested the patience of every Fortnite player active this season – potentially the most annoying Fortnite bug of all time. Here’s everything we know about it so far.

Fortnite bug teleports chests loots to other locations

A strange Fortnite bug that is going viral right now on social media is the Loot Chests bug. It all began when Epic added the update v21.30 and introduced players to this year’s summer event, No Sweat Summer.

The update also saw the addition of Prime Shotgun which is considered to be the best shotgun in Chapter 3. While all the additions are fascinating and exciting to the players, the bug the update left in the game is still haunting players who are failing to win a game like they used to.

The bug, as shown in the clip above, teleports the chest loot to a nearby location outside if a player opens a chest box inside a building. This is pretty annoying as it doesn’t let the player farm loot fast as they usually would while landing on a hot drop.

Players have already started uploading their clips of the loot chest bug and are calling out the game to come out and fix this issue. This bug also creates double the work for those players who like to play a fast-paced Battle Royale match.

Joining in the conversation are a few FNCS players who feel that this bug might cost them several games where they would end up losing on a major competitive level. The entire community has joined hands together to ask the developers to fix the game at the earliest.

While Fortnite has not addressed this issue on their social media handles or on the Trello board could also mean that players in higher ping regions might be the only ones experiencing the bug. However, the player base is still keeping their hopes high to get these issues fixed as soon as possible.

As bugs and glitches continue to add to several issues Fortnite is filled with, events like No Sweat Summer keep the community excited for more in-game content and freebies that they can get. The challenges for No Sweat Summer are live in-game now and players can redeem their share of rewards upon completing them.

For more, check out our article on Fortnite introducing the new Prime Shotgun in update v21.30.

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Fortnite introduces the new Prime Shotgun in update v21.30

Prime Shotgun is the latest game breaking weapon that has been added to Fortnite in v21.30. Here’s all about the new shotgun.



Prime Shotgun in Fortnite

Prime Shotgun is another addition to Fortnite this season in terms of weaponry that has been added to the game. Here is all about the latest shotgun that was introduced in v21.30 and what players think of it.

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 has been a joyride for both OG and new players alike. The new mechanics, the reality bloom spreading everywhere, and the addition of new weapons to the game have kept the community satisfied so far.

However, during the beginning of Chapter 3, the shotgun meta was deemed to be the worst shotguns the game had added to the game. The Striker Pump, Ranger, and Auto Shotguns were weapons that players had deemed incompetent to other shotguns in Fortnite.

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Much so, even the newly released Two Shot Shotgun couldn’t impress the players with its faster fire rate and damage. So, Epic decided to throw a new shotgun into the mix to seek player reactions and improve the messed-up shotguns in-game.

Prime Shotgun is the new community favorite shotgun in Fortnite

Prime Shotgun was added in the latest update v21.30 to the unvaulted weapons arsenal in Fortnite. The shotguns were the second one introduced to the player base apart from the Two-Shot shotgun.

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It holds 4 bullets in a clip and promises heavy damage on the first shot fired from a fully loaded clip. The 3 shots that follow inflict lower damage than that of the first one.

When a player reloads the shotgun, 3 blue dots appear on the gun with the red dot being the first shot being loaded. This brings back the memories of the infamous “One Shot Meta” from the OG days when the community used to perform using a Pump Shotgun.

Pros like NickEh30 sang high praise of the Prime Shotgun as the weapon contains elements of the OG pump in terms of range, accuracy, and firepower. Other pros like SypherPK & Ninja also commented their thoughts on the gun which were highly positive.

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With the recent Fortnite update, leaks have also been floating around about the No Sweat Summer and Ice Cream cone consumables that the player base can see in-game in the coming days. However, an official announcement has been made about the same on the official blog website of Fortnite.

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