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Fortnite Island Games Challenges & Rewards

The Fortnite Island Games have begun, and here are all of the challenges and rewards. These include the limited-time Qwerty Axe.



fortnite creative islands

A new event called the Fortnite Island Games is rewarding players with free cosmetic items.

Every once in a while, Fortnite will hold an in-game Creative Mode event. These usually include a number of challenges and free rewards. They are also a great way to earn XP.

Earlier this season, Fortnite held the Cosmic Summer event. It required played to visit different Creative Islands and complete challenges. These challenges would then unlock exclusive rewards you can’t get anywhere else.

Now, Epic Games is hosting another in-game event. The Fortnite Island Games are very similar to the Cosmic Summer event. However, there is a new set of rewards that players will want to earn.

fortnite island games challenges

Red vs Blue Rumble Challenges – Island Games

Red vs Blue Rumble is the first set of Island challenges. To access this Island, use code 6207-0778-2857. Additionally, this map should be available in the Creative Hub.

Here are the Fortnite Island Games challenges & rewards for Red vs Blue Rumble:

  • Deal Damage With Shotguns or Sniper Rifles x 5500 – 20k XP
  • Buy legendary weapons from vending machines x 6 – 30k XP
  • Get Eliminations x 50 – Drooly Spray

Prison Breakout Challenges – Island Games

Prison Breakout is next up for the Fortnite Island Games challenges. Use Island Code 6531-4403-0726 to play. Additionally, this map should be available in the Creative Hub.

Here are the Prison Breakout challenges:

  • Buy weapons of Epic rarity or higher x 5 – 20k XP
  • Get Eliminations x 25 – 20k XP
  • Deal Damage while inside a “Prevalent” sedan x 1500 – 30k XP

Finest 2v2 Challenges

Finest 2v2 is the third map in the Fortnite Island Games. This Island can be accessed by using code 6570-5231-1418. Additionally, this map should be available in the Creative Hub.

Here are the Finest 2v2 challenges:

  • Assist teammate with eliminations x 30 – 20k XP
  • Restore health or shield x 750 – 20k XP
  • Deal damage from above x 2500 – Beach Ball Banner Icon

Red vs Blue Lava Challenges

For the fourth map, players will be visiting Red vs Blue Lava. Use code 8310-6268-7896 to access the Creative island. Additionally, this map should be available in the Creative Hub.

Here are the Red vs Blue Lava challenges:

  • Deal headshot damage x 2500 – 20k XP
  • Deal damage with SMGs or Pistols x 5000 – 20k XP
  • Destroy enemy structures x 200 – 30k XP

Wildlands Survival Challenges – Island Games

The last map in the Fortnite Island games is Wildlands Survival. To access the map, use code 4005-3161-9097. Additionally, this map should be available in the Creative Hub.

Here are the Wildlands Survival challenges:

  • Hunt Wildlife x 30 – 20k XP
  • Search containers, coolers, fridhes, or tool boxes x 25 – 20k XP
  • Catch Zero Point fish or Vendetta Floppers from fishing x 10 – Starfish Banner Icon

Island Games Challenges & Rewards

You might be thinking that these challenges don’t sound worth their rewards. Eliminating 25 players just for 20k XP is a lot of work. However, there are better rewards for those who complete a number of challenges.

Depending on how many of the above challenges players complete, here are the rewards you can earn:

  • 5 Island Games challenges – On the Rise emoticon
  • 7 Island Games challenges – Wavebreaker Wrap
  • 9 Island Games challenges – Qwerty Axe

Battle Royale

Fortnite Indiana Jones quests: How to find the secret door in Shuffled Shrines

Fortnite players can finally unlock Indiana Jones with v21.20. They must find the secret door in Shuffled Shrines and here’s a guide for it.



Indiana Jones in Fortnite

The Indiana Jones quests are finally here in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3. Here’s how you can find the secret door past the main chamber in Shuffled Shrines.

While players were expecting Fortnite v21.20 to revolve around No Sweat Summer, it has turned out to be all about Indiana Jones. The secret skin for this season’s Battle Pass is now unlockable through challenges and a brand new POI called Shuffled Shrines has been added to the map.

The Shuffled Shrines puzzle in Fortnite allows players to enter the secret door

First and foremost, you must visit the brand new Shuffled Shrines POI on the Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 island. It is located south of Sanctuary, and has been marked in the image below:

Shuffled Shrine in Fortnite
Shuffled Shrines in Fortnite

After landing, you have to search the location for clues and find four runes on each edge of Shuffled Shrines. They will display one of these Red, Blue, and Yellow symbols:

The runes scattered in Shuffled Shrines will have such symbols (Image via YouTube/ChillNikov)

The runes (clues) will be scattered across Shuffled Shrines and their symbol resets every game. Hence, you should not try copying the patterns that worked for others.

It is important to find the fure runes and then head to the middle of Shuffled Shrines where you will find four interactive runes in front of a door.

Solving the puzzle is basically a game of hit-and-miss. You have to rotate the runes according to the clues. To open the door, the symbols on the runes in front of the door should be identical to the ones that are scattered around Shuffled Shrines.

Apparently, the symbol of the runes on the left should match with the rune located in the southwest corner of Shuffled Shrine. Similarly, the one placed second from the left should match with the rune located on the top right corner (Northwest).

After solving the puzzle correctly, the main chamber should open. However, be careful because the path is full of traps.

Where is the secret door past the main chamber in Shuffled Shrine

It is important to note that the challenge doesn’t complete when you solve the puzzle and enter the main chamber. There’s an artifact inside that grants 250 Gold Bars, but more importantly, there’s a secret door to the right of this artifact. The entrance is hidden by green bushes.

Players can enter this area and find two chests inside which should complete the Indiana Jones challenge. This quest will not only provide XP, but will help in unlocking the character’s outfit and a selectable style.

Finding the secret door past the main chamber is clearly more complex than any of the challenges we’ve ever seen in Fortnite. The puzzles and the traps are already too harsh but before that, players must fight a ton of opponents who’ll land to complete the same quest.

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How to knock down Timber Pines with Ripsaw Launcher in Fortnite

Fortnite recently added the Ripsaw Launcher and we already have a weekly quest that requires players to cut Timber Pines with it for 15,000 XP.



How to knock down Timer Pines with Ripsaw Launcher

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 Week 4 challenges are here. Here’s a quick guide to finding the Ripsaw Launcher and knocking down Tumber Pine trees with it.

Amidst game-breaking bugs and glitches, Epic Games released the latest weekly challenges which will help players level up their Battle Pass in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3. The XP system is not at its best at the moment, so loopers desperately wait for new quests and challenges.

One of the weekly challenges is based on the newly introduced Ripsaw Launchers.

Where to find the Ripsaw Launcher in Fortnite?

The Ripsaw Launcher is now available as a standard loot item. Players can search for it on the floor, in chests, and in supply drops. The odds of getting the weapon are purely based on luck, but finding it in major locations like Logjam Lotus, Tilted Towers, Rave Cave, and Coney Crossroads, among others, should be not a struggle.

There’s also a fixed spawn location for the Ripsaw Launcher in Chapter 3 Season 3. There’s a Chop Shop near Logjam Lotus with an abundance of launchers. Even though this location can be highly contested at times, you should be able to get at least one Ripsaw Launcher.

Ripsaw Launcher location in Fortnite
Chop Shop near Logjam Lotus has several Ripsaw Lauchers (Image via

Where to find Timber Pines in Fortnite?

The next step to completing the weekly challenge is to find Timber Pine trees. Here’s what they look like:

Timber Pine in Fortnite
Timber Prine in Fortnite

Timber Pines are basically the tallest trees on the map with narrow brown trunks, and players can find them in the snow biome which contains POIs like Logjam Lotus and Rave Cave.

The aforementioned Chop Shop is located right beside some Timber Pine trees, and it is best if players collect a Ripsaw Launcher from the shop. Using a Ripsaw Launcher is quite straightforward. Just hold the aim button and point it towards the desired tree.

You can either shoot ferocious sawblades that will tear through the wood or hold the aim button to use the Ripsaw Launcher as a melee weapon.

Completing this Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 Week 4 quest will grant you 15,000 XP and will also help in unlocking some bonus XP rewards.

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All crashed IO Airship locations in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 Week 4 challenges are here. Here’s how players search chests or ammo boxes at crashed IO Airships.



Crashed IO Airship Fortnite

Following the war in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2, the map now has several crashed IO Warships with a Vibin’ theme. A weekly challenge requires you to visit these Airships and search for ammo boxes or chests.

A new set of Weekly quests arrive in Fortnite every Thursday. Loopers can get 15,000 XP from each quest and there are bonus rewards for completing them all. These challenges do not leave the quests menu until the end of the season, but considering that they are quite simple, it is more convenient to complete them right away.

Where to find crashed IO Airships in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3

There are a total of five crashed IO Airships on the map. To complete the weekly challenge, you need to find two ammo boxes/chests. Hence, landing at any of the following locations should be worthwhile:

Northeastern Edge of the map

The first IO Airship in Fortnite is located on the northeastern edge of the island. Loopers can either land near Daily Bugle and swim towards the ship or directly land there.

It is safe to assume that this will be one of the least-contested crashed IO Airships. Even though there aren’t any fixed chest/ammo box spawn locations, finding one shouldn’t be a major problem.

Crashed IO Airship in Fortnite
Crashed IO Airship near The Daily Bugle (Image via

The southeastern edge of the map

Another IO Warship can be found in the ocean at the southeastern edge of the island. Condo Canyon is the nearest named location but depending on the Battle Bus’ path, you can directly land at the location marked in the image below:

Crashed IO Airship Fortnite
Crashed IO Airship near Condo Canyon

Rocky Reels

A crashed IO Warship is located near Rocky Reels. You can either land in Greasy Grove and head east or land at Rocky Reels and head west. It is worth reiterating that the challenge requires players to open a chest/ammo box in the ship, and not just visit it.

Crashed IO Airship Fortnite
Crashed IO Airship near Rocky Reels

Loot Lake

Towards the end of the war between the Imagined Order and The Seven, the final IO Airship crashed inside Loot Lake which is currently one of the best locations on the island in terms of loot.

It won’t be a surprise if you meet a ton of other loopers when landing at this Airship as Loot Lake has an abundance of chests.

Crashed IO Airship Fortnite
Crashed IO Airship near Loot Lake

Southeast of Coney Crossroads

The fifth and final IO Airship is near Coney Crossroads which is also one of the most crowded locations in Fortnite. This airship will at least have one chest and one ammo box, and you can also expect floor loot here.

Crashed IO Airship Fortnite
Crashed IO Airship near Coney Crossroads

Completing this Week 4 challenge will grant you 15,000 XP which eventually helps in leveling up the Battle Pass. The Chapter 3 Season 3 Battle Pass is loaded with exciting original and crossover skins including the likes of Evie and Darth Vader.

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