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Android vs iOS vs Nintendo Switch Portable – Which is the best Fortnite Mobile experience?



In a video uploaded by Digital Foundry, we take a look at the performance of Fortnite on the Android (Samsung Galaxy S9+), iOS (iPhone X), and Nintendo Switch (Portable Mode).

  • All Mobile platforms (Android, iOS, and Switch Portable) run at a maximum of 30fps.
  • Android features 4 quality presets: Low, Medium, High, and Epic. Frame Rate target options include 30fps and 20fps.
    • Epic and High quality presets – Android runs at 1480×720 resolution.
    • Medium quality preset – Android runs at 1387×647 resolution (12% reduction).
    • Low quality preset – Android runs at 925×450 resolution (56% reduction Medium, 61% reduction from Epic and High).
  • Switch Portable runs at a maximum of 1280×720 dynamic resolution .


Epic Quality Preset

The Epic quality preset on Android is nearly indistinguishable from iOS on the iPhone X. Draw distances and foliage rendering are pushed to the limits of the device for the best possible experience.


High Quality Preset

The difference between Epic and High settings on Android is very apparent. Draw distances and grass density see significant cuts. Resolution, texture quality, water rendering, and more are seemingly unchanged.


Medium Quality Preset

Alongside the 12% resolution reduction, the Medium quality preset sees a significant decrease in foliage and shadows while the level of detail matches that which is seen in the High quality preset.


Low Quality Preset

Other than the 56% reduction to resolution, the Low quality preset does not see much in terms of quality degradation.


Epic Quality Preset – Resolution

While there are no noticeable quality differences, Fortnite on the Epic quality preset on the Galaxy S9+ runs at a higher resolution than the iPhone X. S9+ being at 1480×720 and iPhone X being at 1461×675. However, this may be due to differences in screen aspect ratio.


Android and iOS vs Switch – Color Range

Compared to Android and iOS, Switch Portable has a less vibrant color range with a noticeable decrease in saturation range.


Android and iOS vs Switch – Models

Unlike Android and iOS, the Switch features the higher quality models which are seen on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC versions of the game.


Android and iOS vs Switch – Foliage

Another advantage the Switch has over Android and iOS is its foliage. For example, grass is animated, features specular highlights, and has a higher draw distance.


iOS vs Android – Draw Distance

Occasionally, iOS will see increased detail on items drawn in the distance due to its slightly more powerful GPU.


Android Frame Rate

Unlike many other games on Android, Fortnite handles Frame Rate well by (for the most part) sticking to the 33ms frame time on a 60Hz display.


Switch Frame Rate

Switch handles Frame Rate even better than Android, consistent frame times make for a smooth experience. While there are occasional frame pacing issues, it is by far the smoothest Fortnite Mobile experience.



Personally, I say choose the Mobile Platform which you prefer outside of Fortnite as all have their advantages and disadvantages. Prefer the look and feel of an iPhone? Play on iOS. Prefer the freedom of an Android? Play on Android. Prefer the game selection on Switch? Play on Switch. There is no superior platform, choose what makes you the happiest, for me that would be the Android.

Digital Foundry’s preferred Fortnite Mobile experience is on the Nintendo Switch. The loss in resolution and draw distance is made up for with the controls of the Switch in their opinion. Quality of life features on Android and iOS such as Auto-Fire are appreciated, but nothing beats physical controls, says Digital Foundry. Be sure to watch the full video below for comparison footage:


Leaked Samsung Galaxy Scout skin coming to Fortnite



Leaks on the Samsung Health App have revealed a brand new Galaxy skin coming to Fortnite Season 3, as part of an upcoming tournament. Unfortunately, it’ll be as tough to get hold of as the original Galaxy skin. 

Fortnite has become well known in the gaming world for its lucrative crossovers with a host of the world’s biggest companies and brands. Among Star Wars and Marvel, Chapter One brought the stratospheric Galaxy skin into Fortnite.

Despite its awesome aesthetics and positive feedback, the skin was pretty rare in Fortnite. Players who wanted it had to have purchased a Samsung Galaxy mobile phone, hence its scarcity in the game. Unfortunately, this new skin will be equally tough to get hold of.

Samsung Galaxy Scout Skin leaked

On July 17, reputable leaker iFireMonkey appeared to verify an emergent leak, which stated that another Samsung Galaxy skin would be on its way to Fortnite. 

“Due to a mishap on the Samsung Health application,” they said, “twitter use @fu noticed that the Fortnite Galaxy Scout promotion was already on the app earlier than expected. Due to this, we now have a nice image that shows us what this skin will look like”.

Despite its official name as ‘Galaxy Scout’, it has already been nicknamed the ‘Galaxy Girl’; a female twist on the original Samsung Skin added back in 2018.

How to get Samsung Galaxy Scout Skin in Fortnite

While the first Galaxy skin was only unlockable through the purchase of a Samsung Galaxy mobile, players can get their hands on this one by participating in the Fortnite Galaxy Cup. This in-game tournament will take place from July 25-26, with registration opening on July 20. 

The event is anticipated to be mobile-only, and registration is only open to players who already own the original Galaxy skin. Hence, this new skin is expected to only be available to players who have already bought a Samsung Galaxy. 

However, the Galaxy tournament requirements are not yet finalized by Epic, so some players may receive surprise invitations. Until then, it looks like only Samsung owners will be able to get their hands on this skin. 

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There are still massive problems with console Fortnite

Epic is making adjustments to Fortnite through their unannounced and unexplained patches. One thing persists, however: the fact that Fortnite on console is a mess.



Epic is making adjustments to Fortnite through their unannounced and unexplained patches. One thing persists, however: the fact that Fortnite on console is a mess.

Late in Season 10, Epic opened the door to forced cross-platform. Now, all players on all platforms will be in the same lobby. PC players, console players, and mobile players are all duking it out together.

Mobile players really got the short end of the stick, here. They can’t do nearly as much as their console and PC counterparts, but that’s not the only performance gap that remains an issue.

Console performance in Fortnite Chapter 2 is at an all-time low. On any given day you’re bound to find a post or two about it if you visit the r/FortniteBR subreddit.

There is a long list of issues with Fortnite on Xbox and Playstation. Buildings don’t load, guns don’t load, you can’t see what’s in your inventory, your game freezes, players disappear; the list goes on and on.

Playing Arena on console is a crapshoot. You better hope you’re not contested when you land, or you’re going to get killed while you’re waiting for buildings to load in.

I play on Xbox One, so I experience these issues every day. Most of them would be manageable if it weren’t for the rendering. Buildings just don’t render when you first drop from the Battle Bus.

You’re dead almost every time if you don’t stumble upon some invisible floor loot.

The worst part is that there seems to be no mention of these problems on the Fortnite Community Issues Trello board. This isn’t the first time that console players have had rendering trouble, but Epic is seemingly lost on how to fix it.

It would all be a moot point if this was an even playing field. We wouldn’t have too much of a reason to complain if Playstation and Xbox players were still in isolated lobbies. We’d all be in the same boat.

The problem is that PC players never have this issue. They can kill us before we’re even able to break through a ceiling with our pickaxe. Are you struggling with these problems on console? Vent about it in the comments.

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How to win a Special Edition Fortnite Xbox Controller

Find out how to win a brand-new Special Edition Fortnite Xbox Controller through your skill in the Fortnite Combine.



Find out how to win a brand-new Special Edition Fortnite Xbox Controller through your skill in the Fortnite Combine.

It seems like the initial intention of Epic’s addition of the ‘Combine’ game mode was to help fine-tune the new sensitivity settings for console players. Since then, it has taken on a life of its own with the help of the speed-running community.

Part of the reason Fortnite is so great is the number of things you can do in the game. You can play a base Fotnite match or an unlimited number of game modes in a Creative lobby.

The Combine was just the next iteration of this, and players have already started to complete the mode in under a minute.

If you’re someone who have been spending hours practicing the Combine, your skills have not gone to waste. Epic has announced a Combine giveaway with a chance to win one in ten Special Edition Fortnite Xbox One Controllers.

The giveaway is set to run now through October 11, so get in there and start practicing.

The rules for the competition are simple. All you have to do is submit a photo or video of your best time to Twitter with #FortniteCombine in the title. 

You must be at least 16 years old to win this prize, and follow the best practices of submissions – found here.

According to the rules, it appears as though Epic is going to pick random players to win the controllers. This is good news and bad news since you don’t have to be one of the fastest times to win a controller.

Special Edition Fortnite Xbox Controller

In all likelihood, though, Epic will be choosing the fastest recorded time as one of the ten winners – so it won’t hurt to try your best. 

Speedrunning entered the Fortnite world in a big way through the Cizzorz Death Runs. Players would compete for the best time to gain money and bragging rights, which eventually culminated in the Fortnite World Cup Creative finals in New York – where Cizzorz’s speedrunning team took home the trophy.

Now, some of these speedrunners who made a name for themselves have hundreds of thousands of subscribers on YouTube – all from speedrunning a Creative Mode map.

Best of luck with your Combine times!

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