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A Trip Down Memory Lane: Fortnite’s Vaulted Weapons – Updated February 5, 2019



With the vaulting of the Boom Box on February 5, it’s time to take a trip to memory lane. Are you one of the few who can say they experienced the Zapotron?


Vaulted September 29th, 2017

The first victim to the Fortnite vault was this energy rifle that could be fired normally or charged up to fire a single powerful shot that does extreme damage and pierce through multiple enemies.

Submachine Gun

Vaulted February 12th, 2018

The Tactical Submachine Gun fired at a very high rate, dealing great damage while consuming a lot of ammo. It was good for run-and-gun combat and accurate enough to fight at mid-range when fired in short bursts. The tac sub was often used to shred down protective walls that enemies tossed up.

Smoke Grenade

Vaulted April 11th, 2018

The Smoke Grenade sounded great on paper, but the item soon turned into the least most used item throughout the entire game. Epic took out the Smoke Grenade, and fans have been content with the throwable item tucked away in the Fortnite Vault.


Vaulted May 1st, 2018

Tons of fans were sad to see the Crossbow taken away to the vault. The Crossbow fired arrows silently, which was perfect for eliminating enemies from a distance stealthily. The Crossbow did briefly return for the Ice Storm event as a weapon designed to deal more damage to the Ice Legion.


Vaulted June 11th, 2018

Highly skilled players enjoyed the Jetpack as it was a great way to avoid fall damage, but casual fans were not impressed. The Jetpack returns occasionally within the close-quarters LTM.

Tactical Submachine Gun

Vaulted June 27th, 2018

This tiny weapon was one of the most powerful guns in Fortnite, once upon a time ago. The tac sub was typically used to mow down structures or eliminating enemies at a close range. Players could even use the tac sub as a mid-range weapon if it was pulsed due to its high accuracy.


Vaulted September 6th, 2018

Fortnite players loved to use the Revolver for mid-range to long-range kills, and was popularly used by streamers due to the weapon’s “clip friendliness”. Unfortunately, the introduction of the powerful Hand Cannon, or Deagle, was the beginning of the end for the Revolver.

Drum Gun

Vaulted September 11th, 2018

Only around for a handful of weeks, players relied heavily on the Drum Gun due to its high ammo compacity and impressive DPS. The Drum Gun was almost like a sub gun on steroids, and players soon demanded the weapon to be vaulted.

Light Machine Gun

Vaulted September 27, 2018

The LMG was great for its high DPS and high magazine compacity. Unfortunately, it was removed back at the beginning of season six.

Impulse Grenade

Vaulted September 27, 2018

These little grenades were used to send enemies flying off mountains, or to troll squad mates. The introduction of the Shockwave Grenade sent the Impulse grenade sailing into the vault.

Bouncer Pad

Vaulted September 27, 2018

Fortnite players are still begging for the Bouncer Pad to be added back into the game, especially since they were only around for a few months. These pads were a great way to rotate around the Fortnite map efficiently.

Remote Explosives

Vaulted September 27, 2018

The introduction of the Remote Explosives, or C4, were split as some players felt they were too overpowered. The item went through different buffs and nerfs, but was ultimately voted down to the vault.

Guided Missile

Vaulted November 1, 2018

Epic Games thought that the addition of the Guided Missile would be a good idea, but players absolutely despised the learning curve. Highly skilled players could control the Guided Missile a lot better than casual fans, and the controversy eventually led to it’s demotion to the vault.

Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle

Vaulted November 1, 2018

Players who love to Snipe enjoyed this weapon for a long time, however the addition of the Hunting Rifle turned the Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle into the ugly duckling of weapons in Fortnite.


Vaulted December 6, 2018

The hype around the Port-A-Fort died quickly as players liked the grappler over the Port-A-Fort. This item was easy to counter, and Epic decided it was time to send it to the vault.


Vaulted December 6, 2018

The general consensus around the Chiller was that the item was virtually useless. Fortnite players could only find one use for the Chiller: Social media clips.

Clinger Grenade

Vaulted December 6, 2018

It was too easy to destroy structures with the Clinger Grenade, actually leading to some lag during competitive tournaments. Just like C4, the Clinger was sent packing down to the vault.

Double Barrel Shotgun

Vaulted December 6, 2018

If players could hit their shots right, the Double Barrel Shotgun could destroy enemies in two shots. Epic tried to fill the gap by sending the Double Barrel to the vault and buffing other shotguns within Fortnite.

Shockwave Grenade

Vaulted December 6, 2018

Shockwave Grenades were great for rotating around the map, but due to the fact that they do not cause fall damage, there was no need to carry them around in aggressive situations.

Infinity Blade

Vaulted December 14, 2018

The highly controversial Infinity Blade dropped into Fortnite as a weapon that could only be used by one player at a time, like Thanos’ Infinity Gauntlet. Epic added the Infinity Blade into all modes within Fortnite and fans went into a mass outrage. The Infinity Blade was sent to the vault in a record time of only three days!

Six Shooter

Vaulted January 8, 2019

The Six Shooter was meant to replace the Revolver, however, fan’s didn’t take a liking to the new iteration. The Six Shooter was only around for a few months before it was taken out.

Burst Assault Rifle

Vaulted January 8, 2019

Players were surprised when the popular burst assault rifle was removed. Fortnite fans could have been selecting legendary and epic weapons over the standard rarity of the burst assault rifle, but it was still an unexpected move by Epic.

Quad Launcher

Vaulted January 22, 2019

The Quad Launcher wasn’t as disliked as the Guided Missile, but it was still disapproved amongst the Fortnite community.


Vaulted January 22, 2019

The Port-A-Fortress was basically the Port-A-Fort 2.0, and fans didn’t like the second version either. Some players even reported that the Port-A-Fortress would cause lag within Fortnite’s servers.


Vaulted January 22, 2019

FaZe Clan’s Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney found a bug that gave players the ultimate heigh advantage, but nobody expected Epic to remove the Grappler all together. It is still missed almost a month later.

Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle

Vaulted January 29, 2019

The Bolt-Action Sniper rifle was one of the first weapons in Fortnite Battle Royale, and snipers became comfortable with the weapon. Epic took it away in exchange for the Silenced Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle.

Heavy Shotgun

January 29, 2019

For a time there were only two models of shotguns available within Fortnite, until the release of the Heavy Shotgun. This weapon was added to add variety to the close-quarter combat selection. Unfortunately, it was never perfected with numerous buffs and nerfs.

Submachine Gun

Vaulted January 29, 2019

The Submachine Gun was one of the most popular weapons in Fortnite due to it’s high drop rate, especially as floor loot. Epic decided to drop it into the vault in favor of other guns like the Compact SMG.

Burst Assault Rifle

Vaulted January 29, 2019

The FAMAS-like weapon was heavily enjoyed by players who prefer burst weapons over automatic. Fans will miss this weapon as it was helpful in mid to long-range battles.


Vaulted February 5, 2019

The Boombox was one of the most hated items within Fortnite. Players were annoyed as it was added right before a tournament, like the Infinity Blade. Fortnite fans rejoiced as Epic announced that the Boombox was silenced down to the vault.

As of February 5, 2019, these are all of the Vaulted Weapons in Fortnite’s Battle Royale. What could be the next Weapon to be vaulted? Let us know what you think!

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Fortnite leaks confirm Beerus, Goku, and Vegeta skins for Dragon Ball Z crossover in Chapter 3

Anime fans in the Fortnite community are waiting for the Dragon Ball Z crossover, and leaks have confirmed that it will bring in Beerus.



Fortnite Goku and Beerus skins

Fortnite v21.30 update introduced a ton of new content and the files now have more Dragon Ball Z elements. From skins for Beerus, Goku, and Vegeta to a Bulma reference, here’s everything we know so far.

Fortnite players were certainly shocked when they came across leaks regarding a Dragon Ball Z crossover. Both waves of the Naruto cosmetics were a massive hit in the Item Shop and it is evident that the developers now wish to capitalize on other popular anime series.

Leaks previously revealed that four skins will arrive in the first-ever Dragon Ball Z x Fortnite crossover, and one of them is going to be Beerus.

Beerus Goku
Beerus vs Goku in Dragon Ball Z

Fortnite is working on a Beerus skin for the Dragon Ball Z crossover

As per prominent leaker HYPEX, Epic Games is working on a purple skin codenamed ‘Cat’. For anyone who’s watched Dragon Ball Z, this isn’t a tough one to crack. Beerus, the god of destruction of Universe 7, perfectly fits this description.

With this, three skins have been confirmed for the upcoming DBZ crossover:

  • Goku
  • Vegeta
  • Beerus

The fourth skin will be a female character according to leaks, and it is safe to assume that it will be Bulma.

Following the v21.30 update, HYPEX discovered that one of the Fortnite x DBZ quests will have a beach umbrella setup. This could be a reference to many things like the Kame House, Bulma, or Beerus but it is too early to confirm it.

The Creative Stamina item that started all the rumors about the crossover will also be available on the map. It might be a part of some quests or the developers might just tease the crossover through it.

Last but not least, the Attack Pods from Dragonball will arrive as Gliders in Fortnite. The 21.30 patch added a glider texture with a striking resemblance to these pods and even its codename, StaminaVigor, suggests that it is related to DBZ.

Fortnite x Dragon Ball Z crossover to have a special event screen, quests, and rewards

It seems like the DBZ crossover will be quite similar to Naruto. Players can look forward to taking part in challenges that will grant them free DBZ-themed skins. Obviously, this will be accompanied by Goku, Vegeta, and Beerus outfits in the Item Shop.

The official website for the DBZ crossover is in the works. It should become functional by August, which is also when Epic Games will officially announce the collaboration.

As of now, this is everything we know about the upcoming DBZ x Fortnite crossover. The next update for Chapter 3 Season 3 will be out after four weeks, and until then, players can enjoy the new summer-themed content.

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Fortnite update v21.30 patch notes: No Sweat Summer event, Prime Shotgun, more

Fortnite v21.30 is finally here. From the No Sweat Summer event to new POIs to weapons, here’s everything that arrived with it.



Fortnite v21.30 summer event art

Ahead of the developers’ summer break, Fortnite has released the v21.30 update. It has arrived with the No Sweat Summer event, map changes like Daily Bloomgle, new Prime Shotgun, and more.

The hype for Fortnite v21.30 was sky-scraping because Epic Games will soon go on a break till the second week of August. This means that the battle royale title won’t experience any live changes for the upcoming weeks, and the latest update should ensure that the community doesn’t get bored.

Fortnite v21.30 brings in a No Sweat Insurance NPC, summer-themed POI, and new No Sweat Summer event quests

Fortnite players desperately wanted to celebrate the summer in battle royale modes this time. Luckily, the No Sweat Summer event is here with the v21.30 update.

No Sweat Insurance quests will replace the Vibin quests for the next four weeks as the Scientist’ research regarding the Reality Tree will be halted temporarily.

No Sweat Summer quests

The latest No Sweat Summer quests in Fortnite are:

  • Land after jumping from the Battle Bus during the No Sweat Summer event
  • Carry the No Sweat sign and place it at a sponsorship location
  • Complete a lap around the boat race circuit after the starting countdown
  • Make a Character dance to a Boogie Bom
  • Emote at different promotional dance floor locations
  • Ring doorbells until they break
  • Catch 3 seconds of air while driving a Motorboat
  • Remove No Sweat signs from recalled products
  • Place the No Sweat signs in an official bin
  • Pop No Sweat Summer inflatable objects
  • Jump on umbrellas along the beach
  • Kick a beach ball and kick a giant beach ball
  • Fire off the Firework Flare Gun at Mighty Monument or Tilted Towers
  • Bust through doors in different neighborhoods
  • Destroy large sea buoys with Motorboat Missiles

These quests will grant 15k XP each and a new Sweaty Sailer umbrella glider will be a free reward for completing them. The quests also indicate that the Boogie Bombs will return soon. The goofy item has been a fan-favorite for ages, and it makes perfect sense for it to return during a Vibin’ themed season.

New summer-themed NPCs will now roam around the island. These include:

  • Unpeely
  • Beach Bomber
  • Summer Drift
  • The Underwriter
  • Boardwalk Ruby

The Underwriter is the newest NPC in Fortnite and represents the New Sweat Insurance building from Tilted Towers. In contrast, Unpeely, Beach Bomber, and Boardwalk Ruby are famous characters who always return during the summer.

Fortnite community to vote for Tilted Tower buildings through Rebuild the Block quests

The restoration of Tilted Towers began in Chapter 3 Season 3. Fortnite asked map builders to come up with their best building designs and nine buildings have made the cut.

In the coming weeks, players will donate bars for the construction projects in Tilted Towers. The building design with the most votes will officially become a part of the POI. This will also help players in completing the Rebuild The Block quests:

  • Donate Bars voting for construction projects on The Block
  • Survive Storm Phases during the Rebuild the Block Event
  • Eliminate enemy players during the Rebuild the Block Event
  • Complete Rebuild the Block quest stages (3/7/12).

It is clear that we’ll witness new Rebuild The Block quests every week and the developers are yet to reveal the subsequent stages.

To be fair, the XP crisis in Chapter 3 Season 3 could come to an end now as every Rebuild The Block quest will reward players with 14,000 XP.

Fortnite new Tilted Tower building designs
Titted Tower building designs in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3

New Prime Shotgun and consumable Ice-Cream item enter the loot pool with Fortnite v21.30

A brand-new Prime Shotgun will be available in chests, supply drops, and floor loot with v21.30. The stats of this weapon at Rare rarity are:

  • DPS-88
  • Reload Time-4.5
  • Spread-1
  • Clip size– 4
  • Headshot damage– 138
  • Fire Rate– 1.05

Leaks have revealed that the Prime Shotgun is an explosive weapon with a surprisingly long range for a shotgun. Its damage output is brilliant and the slow fire rate seems to be the only downside.

New consumable items have been added in the form of Ice Cones. These include:

  • Lil Whip’s Special Serve for Health and Shield
  • Guzzling Icecream Cone which slowly heals health
  • Frozen Iceream Cone for Health and it makes things slippery
  • Icecream Cone for Health
  • Spicy Icecream Cone for Health and Shield

Interestingly, the files of the Burst SMG have been updated as well and it might return soon.

Daily Bugle changes to Daily Bloomgle in Fortnite v21.30 and other map changes

Epic Games has continued the amazing map changes in Chapter 3 Season 3 with the latest update. Daily Bugle, under the effect of the Reality Tree, is now called Daily Bloomgle. As usual, it will now switch between themes based on Neo Tilted, Coral Castle, Colossal Coliseum, and more.

The Reality Tree will continue to grow and after Daily Bugle, it’ll reach Condo Canyon.

Last but not least, a summer-themed stage will be set up on the island for No Sweat Summer. This is where players can expect to complete their event-based quests and earn a ton of XP.

Hotfix updates will be released weekly but no major Fortnite updates will arrive for almost a month now. The developers have already added weekly quests till Week 10, and the Dragon Ball Z crossover will be released after the break.

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Fortnite Indiana Jones quests: How to find the secret door in Shuffled Shrines

Fortnite players can finally unlock Indiana Jones with v21.20. They must find the secret door in Shuffled Shrines and here’s a guide for it.



Indiana Jones in Fortnite

The Indiana Jones quests are finally here in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3. Here’s how you can find the secret door past the main chamber in Shuffled Shrines.

While players were expecting Fortnite v21.20 to revolve around No Sweat Summer, it has turned out to be all about Indiana Jones. The secret skin for this season’s Battle Pass is now unlockable through challenges and a brand new POI called Shuffled Shrines has been added to the map.

The Shuffled Shrines puzzle in Fortnite allows players to enter the secret door

First and foremost, you must visit the brand new Shuffled Shrines POI on the Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 island. It is located south of Sanctuary, and has been marked in the image below:

Shuffled Shrine in Fortnite
Shuffled Shrines in Fortnite

After landing, you have to search the location for clues and find four runes on each edge of Shuffled Shrines. They will display one of these Red, Blue, and Yellow symbols:

The runes scattered in Shuffled Shrines will have such symbols (Image via YouTube/ChillNikov)

The runes (clues) will be scattered across Shuffled Shrines and their symbol resets every game. Hence, you should not try copying the patterns that worked for others.

It is important to find the fure runes and then head to the middle of Shuffled Shrines where you will find four interactive runes in front of a door.

Solving the puzzle is basically a game of hit-and-miss. You have to rotate the runes according to the clues. To open the door, the symbols on the runes in front of the door should be identical to the ones that are scattered around Shuffled Shrines.

Apparently, the symbol of the runes on the left should match with the rune located in the southwest corner of Shuffled Shrine. Similarly, the one placed second from the left should match with the rune located on the top right corner (Northwest).

After solving the puzzle correctly, the main chamber should open. However, be careful because the path is full of traps.

Where is the secret door past the main chamber in Shuffled Shrine

It is important to note that the challenge doesn’t complete when you solve the puzzle and enter the main chamber. There’s an artifact inside that grants 250 Gold Bars, but more importantly, there’s a secret door to the right of this artifact. The entrance is hidden by green bushes.

Players can enter this area and find two chests inside which should complete the Indiana Jones challenge. This quest will not only provide XP, but will help in unlocking the character’s outfit and a selectable style.

Finding the secret door past the main chamber is clearly more complex than any of the challenges we’ve ever seen in Fortnite. The puzzles and the traps are already too harsh but before that, players must fight a ton of opponents who’ll land to complete the same quest.

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